Guinea Pig Cage Four Considerstraightforward guideline Selecting An Excellent Cage

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What Size Cage is Ideal for My Pigs?

In truth, there is no finest dimension for a guinea pig cage. The basic policy is: the larger the far better. However there are minimal cage-size standards that several guinea pig rescue organizations and guinea pig campaigning for teams recommend. A fast search online will certainly disclose the adhering to approximate de facto standards for minimum cage sizes:

* One guinea pig: 6-7 sq. ft.
* 2 guinea pigs: 7.5 sq. ft.
* Three guinea pigs: 10.5 sq. ft.
* Four guinea pigs: 13 sq. ft.

Due to the fact that guinea pigs are social animals, it is advised to keep a minimum of 2 guinea pigs together. Consequently, if you desire your pigs to take pleasure in an optimum atmosphere, you need never ever think about a cage under 7.5 sq. ft, Get More Info.

Generally, commercial cages (I like to describe them as "pet store cages") tend to be under 3 square-feet. Business cages much bigger compared to this are difficult to locate and fit to be rather costly. Therefore, diligent guinea pig owners tend to incline a popular course of diy or package cages frequently called C&C or Cubes and Coroplast cages.

Do I Have to Worry About the Flooring?

Certainly! Wire floors or floor with grates are tough on your guinea pigs' feet. Extreme metal grids can catch toes and legs or otherwise damage your guinea pigs' fragile feet. Think of if you needed to invest your whole life walking on steel bars put on hold a foot off the flooring-- in your bare feet. Even worse-- visualize aiming to run on that surface.

Incidentally, the same goes when picking a multi-level cage with a ramp. The ramp surface ought to not be covered with metal grids. Bottom line: avoid cages that make your pet walk on metal bars or grids in any way. For finest pig health and wellness, your cage needs to have a smooth plastic or metal base, Going Here.

Does My guinea pig Cage Need To Be Totally Confined? Does it Need a Cover?

It relies on your circumstance. If your guinea pigs are sharing your home with "residential predators" you will certainly need a lid. If your residence is devoid of these types of risks, then a lid is not needed. A lot of guinea pig cages and pens have the tendency to contend least 14" wall surfaces. Although guinea pigs simulate to leap for enjoyable, they are unknowned for being fantastic leapers and can not jump anywhere near 14-inches high. Believe me-- you will certainly never ever see a guinea pig in the NBA. In this case, not only is a cover not essential, it is not suggested. We discover that when guinea pigs are housed in a cage without any lid, it encourages more communication with the guinea pigs. A lidless cage will likewise take much of the hassle out of jobs like feeding the guinea pigs and cleaning up the cage.

Just how Huge Should The Door Be?

Several cages are made with access doors that are too small. Little doors, make it difficult to catch and grab your pets. If you have actually ever had a test subject, you will definitely concur that they are "scurriers". When picking them up, they don't simply comfortably rest there while you select them up - they scoot! And if you have actually ever attempted to catch a hurrying guinea pig with one arm with a tiny opening ...

Few cutting-edge cages supply big fold-down "tailgates". These models are crafted so that the entire side of the cage is pivoted and swings open up like the tailgate on a pickup truck. This allows you to get to in with both hands to scoop up your guinea pig. It additionally cleans your cage a a lot easier and much more efficient procedure. If you've ever before tried to shovel 25 lbs. of damp bedding via a small door and afterwards reverse and shovel 25 lbs. of clean bedding back in through that little hole ...

It's a lot easier to scrape the bedding out into a waste container and after that simply put the brand-new bedding in straight from the bag. Yes, door-opening dimension really is a large bargain.